Cranes for Hire: Discovering the Largest Cranes in the World

There are some cranes for hire in this world and some far to big to hire. For all you Crane enthusiasts let us educate you by discovering the largest cranes in the world.

1. The Kockums Crane is the biggest with the capability of lifting up to 1,500 tons at once. Kockums, itself weighing 7,500 tons, was manufactured at Kockums shipyard in Sweden. The Kockums Crane was used to lift entire sections of a bridge easily.

2. The world’s biggest gantry crane is Taisun, or Gantry Crane 2.0. This crane can lift 20,000 metric tons. Taisun can carry ten thousand cars in one single lift.

3. The biggest crane vessel is the Thialf. It set a world record in 2000 by lifting over 11,000 tons. The Thialf crane has room for up to 736 people at one time.

4. Next to the Thialf is the Saipem 7000. This crane vessel was first used by a Brazilian oil company. The Saipem 7000 can lift 7,000 ton objects effortlessly and it could carry over 14,000 tons if need be.

5. The world’s largest port crane, Metka, was launched in the late 1990s. Holland bought this crane. Metka was used to make platforms for the Patriot Missile Launching System.

6. The Finnieston crane was used to lift and move heavy machinery during construction. The Finnieston crane was completed in 1932 and used all the way up to the 1990s. It can lift roughly 200 tons straight away.

7. While most cranes would have to lift a bridge into place in smaller sections, Asian Hercules II, can do it at once. The Asian Hercules II is best known for putting into place the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

8. The world’s biggest semi-submersible crane is the Balder. The Balder is two cranes that can be used in combination with each other. One crane can lift up to 4,000 tons while the other crane can lift up to 3,000 tons. The Balder was used in the installation of the BP Thunder Horse, the world’s largest semi-submersible platform.

9. Another semi-submersible behemoth crane is the Hermod. It can lift up to 9,000 tons using both cranes at the same time.

10. During World War II, the YD 171 was considered a work horse. It was the world’s largest self-propelled floating crane and is still considered to be an engineering marvel. The YD 171 was towed all around the world after the war ended and was even involved in helping rebuild parts of Germany in the late 1940s.